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    •   characters overview: Looking for a clown, a mime, a santa, a blackbelt, etc - find them quick here
    •   father flannigan: He's loud and proud with a funny outlook on life (suitable for family adult or corporate)
    •   fancy flight attendant: Fantastic, fun and a real riot, a true professional (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   scalliwags: Outrageously funny, clumsy and endearing all at the same time (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   mr white (mime): He is simply sexy, and super stylish; the perfect man, he's so polite (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   mr mime (mime): All the three stooges rolled into one without the voice (suitable for family adult or corporate)
    •   dangerous dan: The Gangster Man has wit and charm and loves a yarn (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   doctor do little: Why not give the Doc a call, he will leave you in stitches (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   brucy: Hellllloooo, he's cute, cuddly and funny (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   santa claus: Celebrate with Christmas songs and presents for all (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   krazy kid: He's everything you want your children NOT to be (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   kid karate: Hilarious, hysterical, humorous.... and he's Funny (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   shananikins: Bright, funny, weird, outgoing, lovable... he'll be the life of the party (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   saucy santa: At his saucy best, he'll tell you his thoughts on marriage, work and kids (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   olivia newtop john: A beautiful, young, caring, sensitive girl with great talent and a large personality (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   radical robot (mime): His movements and motions are radical, and will will captivate you with sheer delight (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   luna tic tic tic: He's crazy, he's wild, he's very funny, and repeats everything (suitable for adult or corporate)
    •   krazy kowboy: He can't ride a horse or even shoot a gun, but he has some great toothpick tricks (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   krazy klown: Smile in delight to the mystical magic and truly unforgettable adventures of this lovable klown (suitable for children, family adult or corporate)
    •   klassy klown (mime): Klassy Klown - He has a posh accent and prezzies for all, does magic and balloons, and is so sophisticated it hurts (suitable for adult or corporate)
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