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Provide the information that will allow us to customise your performance

Create a Client Profile
for a Magnificent Entertainment Experience.

This will assist us in capturing your requirements
and help us make your event unique.

If you want to book an event
Please also complete the Booking Request Form.

You can submit your Client Profile in one of two ways:

  1. You can fill out this Form Online and press the Submit form button at the bottom of the page to automatically send your profile to Magnificent Entertainment.

  2. Or if you prefer, you can click here to Download the .PDF Form;  PRINT it out;
    FILL it in; then FAX or MAIL the form directly to Magnificent Entertainment.
    (*Please Note: PDF format allows you to view your form electronically on most computers. The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.)

Magnificent Entertainment
4 Little Bendall St., Kensington
(Melbourne), VIC. 3031, Australia
Mobile: 0419-320-470

Contact Name:
Work Title:
Contact E-Mail:
Daytime Phone:     home:          work:  
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Post Code:

Company Website:

Please answer the following questions to the best of your capability.
The information will assist us in customising and enhancing
our performance for your event.

What is the full name
of your company /
group / organisation?:

Name your biggest
competitor or most
disliked rival:

Where is your main
office or headquarters

What do you call the
service you provide?:

Provide the Name
and Title of the top
executives and most
well known people in
your company / group
and describe them:

Eg: President John Smith (takes two hour lunches, can't stop smoking)
Secretary Jenny Jones (always wears a scarf, has really long nails, doesn't like her new haircut)

What is the purpose
of this event?:

Estimate the type
of show your group
would like to see
(please tick):

Rated G (Disney like)
Rated PG (Vegas type humour / innuendos)
Rated Adult Only (May be rude, crude and naughty)

Are there any
sensitive issues that
should be avoided?:

Please add any
other comments here:

Press the "Submit Form" button to send your information to M.E.
(When you see the pop-up window, click "OK" to complete the submission.
You will then be taken to the Thank You page,
and your Client Profile Submission will be complete.)

Remember, If you want to book an event
You must also complete the Booking Request Form.

Jamie Marsh Creative Director

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